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Terms and conditions of sale

Terms and conditions of sale


The prices in this document are shown in euros. The prices shown are not binding. Miralay reserves the right to modify the prices and product characteristics without prior warning. If there were to be any misprints, the prices stated on the order confirmations sent by Miralay would be considered valid. The price is set as ex-works price at our factory in Alicante, including packaging. No tax is included.


All orders are made in writing. To prevent errors, orders must be made via the order form, which Miralay has attached to this document. Miralay's Administration Department will send written confirmation for each order as soon as possible, stating if there are any issues or incorrect information or data. The order confirmation will state the products, price, estimated dispatch date and a reference number. Check the information to avoid mistakes. If you do not return the order, we will understand that you are in agreement and have accepted it. We recommend that you return orders by fax or email, signed and stamped. If the customer were to agree, orders may be dealt with partially, depending on their characteristics and the stocks at that moment.

Payment method

Payment is made in accordance with the conditions agreed with the customer and included in the customer's profile. These conditions may be subject to modifications in exceptional cases, being recorded in writing and signed by the customer, clearly stating to which project reference is being made. Payment will be made in one instalment by bank transfer or via bank order to Miralay from the bank that the customer has stated to our Finance Department. In any case, the payment method will be under the protection of and in compliance with Spanish laws against non-payment (Law 15/2010). All differences due to non-payment will be subject to the courts of Alicante, Spain.

Postage and packaging

Shipping cost are not included in the price, are quoted separately. Each unit is packed individually. If the customer were to require a special type of packaging, it will incur an additional fee for such.

Delivery mistakes

Miralay rejects any responsibility for any faults occurred during the delivery of the items forming part of the order. The customer must inform and make a claim to the transport agency. The customer must make any claim related to missing products or faulty packaging to the transport agency within 24 hours, and note such on the agency's delivery sheet. The customer has 5 days to check the contents of the delivery, and where necessary, inform the Miralay Post Sales Department of any possible packaging errors, faults to the product's appearance or missing items. No claims of this type will be accepted after 5 days.

Cancellations and modifying orders

Miralay will only authorise order cancellations made in writing, which are consulted and accepted by Miralay's Sales Department. The customer will be responsible for all expenses associated with the cancellation. Order cancellations or modifications will not be permitted once the item has been manufactured and dispatched.


The customer has 15 days from the order delivery date to request a return from the Post Sales Department, stating references for the items, units, delivery notes, invoices and/or orders.

The Post Sales Department will respond to the request, indicating whether the return will be processed or not. The customer will be sent an authorisation document if the request for return were to be totally or partially authorised. This document must be attached to the item when returned. Said authorisation will be valid for 15 days. Returned items will incur at least 30% devaluation on the recommended retail price on the invoice date, depending on the current rates.

The customer will be responsible for delivery expenses for the item(s) authorised to be returned and will package the item(s) to ensure that it is received in a good condition. Authorisation of the return does not guarantee reimbursement. The returned item(s) will be only reimbursed in the following conditions:

  • The product(s) must be documented with the copy of the invoice or related delivery note.
  • The product(s) must be received during the returns period.
  • The product(s) must be received in perfect conditions.


All products manufactured by Miralay are guaranteed for a period of one (1) year against any manufacturing faults.

Delivery of items under guarantee

Customers wishing to request the delivery of an item under guarantee must contact Miralay's Post Sales Department: postventa@mymiralay.com. Depending on the faults observed during the installation, the Miralay technicians will identify the source of the problems with the customer and will assess the need to deliver the product under guarantee, generating an authorisation replacement number for the item under guarantee. With this authorisation number, the order will be issued.

Once the item is sent under guarantee, Miralay will issue the invoice. The customer can request reimbursement for the item using this invoice, returning the faulty item within 15 calendar days of receiving it. The return authorisation number must be included with the faulty item, which accompanies the replacement product under guarantee.

Returning faulty items does not guarantee reimbursement. The items will be subject to analysis and product and delivery costs will be reimbursed depending on the analysis results. If the analysis were to conclude that there were no faults with the product, the post sales department will inform the customer that it will receive no or part reimbursement and will make the product available to the customer. If the customer were to choose to accept the item, it will be returned at the customer's expense. If no response were to be received as regards the product's destination within a period of 10 calendar days, it will be destroyed.

The faulty item must be returned using the same transport agency as Miralay on the authorisation issue date. The product must be packaged so as to ensure that it is received in a good condition for its subsequent analysis. The Customer Services Department will give the customer the name and contact information of the transport agency used.

If no request for reimbursement for the item under guarantee were to be received from the customer following the steps above, it will be understood that the customer has accepted the payment of the item invoiced and a bank order will be issued to the customer's bank account within 30 days of the invoice.