Our offices and factory are located in Alicante. All our Miralay are designed and manufactured under the strictest quality standards.

YES. There are three types of mirrored glasses available. You can check its features in the OPTIONS section of this website.

YES. Our PREMIUM models can be configured as you wish.

DON’T. The exclusive audio system does not require external speakers since the entire mirror surface performs the function of speaker, sounding much better than a TV. However, and if you wish, you can connect additional “external” speakers.

MIRALAY offers a 2 year factory warranty. Technical support is available by phone or email.

It is very easy to install. It can be installed on a surface wall, such as a box or recessed. For special cases or projects Miralay has a team of people at your disposal to perform the installation.

Depending on the model but approximately 6cm

YES. The Bath range is designed for this being totally WATERPROOF IP66, control included.

Yes, MIRALAY is compatible with all known international television systems.

MIRALAY is integrable with Apple, Android, Amazon and Google Chromecast.

Yes of course! Like any normal TV.

Installation tip: The ideal light for viewing a TV Mirror is a soft and dim ambient light.