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Smart mirrors in hotels: luxury is in the details

The most expert hoteliers create magical and unforgettable experiences for their guests, these as a consequence, tend to return to stay and become loyal customers.

With Miralay smart mirrors the perfect experience for guests will be created, we have a wide range of solutions so that the TV is not the focus of attention in the room. Its integration capacity offers total freedom for the decoration and interior design of the space, allowing the creation of welcoming and equipped environments.

One of the most widespread uses of smart mirrors with built-in televisions is the hotelier. Among other reasons because:

– They save space: Mirror TVs are a two-in-one that allows an aesthetic component, such as mirrors, to be integrated into a single device, with a technological one, multimedia televisions. In addition, by being able to place built-ins, they give a greater feeling of spaciousness to any hotel room.

– They provide a differentiating experience: The client is pleasantly surprised to discover the surprise that awaits him behind the mirror.

– Their design is customizable: Smart mirrors adapt to the interior design and character of the hotel and can be installed in both rooms and bathrooms.

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