Unique technological pieces that add value to your business

With our Miralay Large Formats solution we manufacture unique pieces adapted to your space. Thanks to our system we can cover any measure of both mirror and TV. Designed to better promote your brand and surprise your customers by arousing their curiosity about your products.

In shops: communicate without intimidating

The possibilities of mirror TV in commerce and in the service sector are practically endless.

– They allow to offer information about the trade, offers or catalogs and communicate interactively with the client.

– They make the most of the available space, without being an obstacle: They can be placed on any wall or column, without interrupting traffic or the perspective of the store or service. Imagine the possibilities that smart televisions have in mirrors in businesses such as gyms, hairdressers, restaurants, technology or fashion stores.

– They are aesthetically attractive: Smart mirrors with television capture attention in a discreet way, without being shrill.

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