Find the best solution for your space

If you are in this section it is because you want a Miralay® Premium. Here you will know all the options to configure your television mirror with the highest quality.

1.- Choose the size and shape of the mirror

Whether you want a mirror for a small area, or if you want to cover an entire wall, we have the solution that fits your space. We have glasses up to 4 x 3 meters in sizes and custom shapes (square, rectangular and even round). You just have to tell us what you want. You can also choose if you want recessed or surface. It’s up to you.

2.- Choose the size of the TV

We have LED screens of a maximum size of 100″. Choose the one you like and we will work on it. Keep in mind that the dimensions of the mirror will affect the minimum or maximum measurements that the TV can have. The best resolution, 8K, in your television.

3.- Choose where you want the TV

You can choose where to place your TV relative to the mirror. All the options we have to locate the TV with respect to the mirror are the ones you can imagine. These are approximate ideas that we will adapt to the previous measures selected.

4.- Choose lighting
If you are one of the people whose lighting drives you crazy, do not miss the opportunity to add light to your Miralay®.

5.- Choose the glass

Three shades you will find in our glass, bronze, silver and black. Look how they look.

Keep in mind that the glass finish will have visualization, contrast and concealment characteristics. Know the details:

6.- Multimedia

You can have a variety of multimedia connections such as Smart TV with Apple, Smart TV with Amazon (Alexa) and Mirroring (Chromecast)

Ask us for more finishes that you can add as frames, extra USB and HDMI sockets, and it can also be touch, videoconferencing and much more.

7.- More options

All our Miralay® can be tactile, have integrated the anti-fog or adhere your decorative frame. In addition Miralay® is integrated into cabinet doors.