Do you want a Miralay® Premium? Keep reading!

Configure the ideal television mirror to your liking. We are manufacturers so we customize both the size of the television and the mirror. Choose the size, type and shape of the mirror. The size of the TV, the lighting and the different connectivity and entertainment options.

Our technical department will look for the best solution for your space.

Enjoy all the finishes we can offer you. Fill out our form and we will call you to give you the best solution. You can design your Miralay ® as you wish.

Custom settings

Miralay ® is designed under the strictest quality standards, offering a wide variety of designs and sizes for any environment.

It is reliable, easy to handle and simple in operation.

You can design your Miralay ® as you wish.

Configure it according to your needs.

What can you configure?

With our Miralay® Premium you can choose the size of the television, the situation of the TV with respect to the mirror, the size and shape of the mirror and also the amount of extras to make your mirror unique.

To know the details and get in touch with us, enter the options section and let the magic of technology begin!

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