Enjoy a totally intelligent mirror in your bathroom. This product is intended to be the protagonist of the bathroom as it shows you information about the weather, calendar, photos and news. Miralay® Upmirror becomes your personal assistant, adapting to your pace throughout the day.

Everything is configurable through a mobile application where you select what you want to see and when. Combine it with the most appropriate lighting for your way of life. Miralay® Upmirror is our most technological product that you will control with your phone through our app.

With our Miralay® App you can access your news (twitter), calendar (google), photos and weather forecast. Set the mirror on / off through the App and position the different applications in the mirror as best suits you. In addition, you can choose controlled lighting also through the application.

You can see how the lighting would look in our options section. You can choose between 2 Up Mirror measures.

Enjoy our products.